Addiction Treatment Admissions Process

It takes a lot to finally admit that you have a problem that you cannot deal with on your own and call an addiction treatment center. It requires that you summon all of your strength and courage. Even though our program will take place on an outpatient basis, we understand how hard the beginning of recovery is, so we work hard to ensure that the program admissions process is as easy as it can possibly be for you.

What Can I Expect the First Time I Call?

Right after you dial our toll-free telephone number, an admissions coordinator will take your call. The coordinator is prepared to answer any question that you may have.

The coordinator will also need to ask you various questions so that he or she can determine exactly what you need from our treatment program.

We will take all of the information relating to the drug addiction that you or your loved one has. Then, we can determine what the best treatment plan will be for your particular situation.

What Will Occur When I First Arrive at Your Facility?

The addiction treatment program admissions process will begin when our clinical staff schedules you an appointment for a more thorough assessment of your addiction. He or she will be able to develop a customized treatment plan from the assessment. The clinician will ask you to give further explanations on the following:

  • You will be asked to relate your history of drug or alcohol use. For example, your clinician may ask if you have ever thought that you needed to stop drinking as much as you do.
  • You will be asked about your physical, neurological and psychological history. The assessment may include questionnaires and physical examinations. This is done because the clinicians want to ensure that your condition is properly diagnosed so that the most appropriate treatment can be assigned to you.
  • The clinician will ask to do a urinalysis. The urinalysis will be performed to determine which drugs are currently in your system. This will be necessary if the clinician believes that your health is suffering because of your addiction.
  • You may be asked if you have ever been arrested.
  • You may be asked if you have ever participated in any other drug addiction programs.
  • You might be asked for a release of your confidential information.
  • You might be asked for a contact list.
  • The review team will ask for any other information that may be needed.

We strive to make the admissions process as tolerable for you as we possibly can. It’s difficult enough to address the fact that you have an addiction. We don’t want to make it harder for you by forcing you to undergo a painful admissions process.

If you are ready to get started right now, just give us a call. We will be supporting you from the beginning of the rehabilitation process and through your recovery.