Alcohol Rehab Greenwich Connecticut

Alcoholism is a major problem, and getting help can seem extremely difficult. Alcohol is one of the most abused substances on the market because it is inexpensive and readily available. Advertisements make it appear fashionable, and this appeals to many people.

Major Signs of Alcohol Dependency

Many alcoholics will deny that they have an addiction, and there are many common excuses used to justify the behaviors that signal the presence of a problem. To complicate matters, there are different degrees of addiction, and this can make it difficult to identify the problem in a family member or friend. However, you can always look for a combination of signs to get a reasonable idea of the condition of the person who is abusing alcohol.

The most common signs of early alcohol abuse include the following:

  • Emotional problems
  • Loss of memory or blacking out
  • Problems meeting work obligations
  • Relationship problems like divorce, separation or domestic violence
  • Problems meeting financial obligations, or excessive debts
  • Frequent intoxication and odd social behaviors
  • Collisions, DUIs or arrests
  • Weight loss or weight gain
  • Problems fulfilling social obligations

The later symptoms of alcohol abuse may include various medical conditions because this stage of alcoholism often presents itself on the physical level. The organs most affected by alcoholism include the liver, spleen and brain. Examples of physical problems caused by alcoholism include pancreatitis, gastritis, cirrhosis, anemia, cerebellar atrophy, peptic ulcers, malnutrition, seizures, hallucinations and various other symptoms.

Connecticut Alcohol Rehab Programs

Our Greenwich, Connecticut alcohol treatment and recovery program is designed to assist people who have difficulty remaining sober over time. It is very important to have help available when the person is going through traumatic life events. This is the time when alcohol can be very tempting because many people turn to alcohol to numb the effects of emotional pain. No matter how temporary the relief, the alcoholic has difficulty managing the emotional or mental pain that drives substance abuse or dependency.

Treatment for Alcoholism, Connecticut Alcohol Treatment

Addiction to alcohol often causes more damage to the addict than any other substance. The prevalence of alcohol in culture makes it easy to abuse, and this can lead to startling statistics. Some studies report over 50 percent of participants that they were struggling with alcohol dependency. Almost 70 percent reported being addicted to alcohol.

Common Signs of Alcohol Dependency

Alcoholics will usually deny that there is a problem. Family members and friends might not understand what is happening, so it is important to learn the most common signs that could indicate the presence of an alcohol problem. Some of the most common signs that may indicate the presence of alcoholism include social problems caused by drinking. The person might also lack the ability to stop drinking even for short periods of time. Blackouts, memory loss and problems with weight changes are other signs of alcohol dependency. It is important to recognize that each person can present with signs of alcoholism in a different way.

Getting Help, Connecticut Recovery Center

Our alcohol addiction rehab in Greenwich CT uses a holistic approach. There are also stages that addicts must go through to get to the point where help is possible. After admitting that a problem with addiction exists, a person can begin to benefit from the services available.

Medically supervised detoxification is part of this process. Referrals are given in some cases, and our staff is available to develop an appropriate treatment plan.

Treatment plans address the needs of the body, spirit and mind. This is the most effective approach for overcoming addiction because it addresses the root cause of the problem. We also provide support groups under the 12-step that has helped many achieve long-term sobriety.

Connecticut Alcohol Treatment, Connecticut Recovery Center

Our alcohol treatment center in Greenwich, CT is designed to assist people who are dealing with the effects of alcohol dependency or abuse. The center is available for people who are ready to learn how to cope with the pain of life without relying on drugs or alcohol. Once someone learns new skills, they can practice applying these principles to the situations they face in daily life. With professional assistance, long-term sobriety is possible.

Maintaining Recovery from Alcoholism

The professionals at Connecticut Recovery Center understand long-term recovery requires ongoing support. We offer extended services outside of the treatment facility to help addicts stay on the road to recovery during daily life.

At our alcohol rehab in Greenwich CT, we offer referrals to various support programs and groups that are designed to help people who are experiencing alcoholism and struggling to remain sober.

We also encourage family members and friends to engage in a way that is supportive and helpful. Once the addict has come to the point of admitting that a problem exists, the next step involves getting the kind of help that is effective. Contact our friendly, experienced staff for assistance as soon as possible.