Getting Started: Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Admissions FAQ

Most people have numerous questions to ask before they participate in a drug rehabilitation program or help a family member do the same. It’s important to carefully determine if this treatment option would meet your needs and learn about the best ways to prepare for the program. To help you get started, we’ve answered five popular questions about addiction treatment program admissions:

Q. Do I really need professional assistance?

A. If addictive substances have major negative effects on your life, you ought to consider taking part in a treatment program. For example, you may lose friends, experience financial difficulties or start committing crimes. You should also seek help if you regularly drive a vehicle while intoxicated or find it impossible to resist drugs for a substantial period of time.

People require professional assistance when addictions take over their lives. This might happen as you gradually need more powerful intoxicants to achieve the same effect. You may find that you also feel increasingly anxious. If you often think about these substances and ignore crucial responsibilities because you want to use them, strongly consider enrolling in an addiction treatment program.

Not all treatment programs take place in an inpatient setting where you are secluded from friends and family. Many people find day treatment or IOP to be a good way to begin treatment while also holding down part-time employment or spending time with family.

Q. Can I rely on my insurer to pay for this service?

A. Although every insurance company has different policies and coverage available, many companies cover some or all of the expense. Our program accepts the majority of insurance plans, and we can verify eligibility and benefits prior to treatment program admissions. Please locate your insurance card and call us for more information.

Q. Do I need to undergo detoxification?

A. Some patients require medical detoxification before they can benefit from a rehabilitation program. Our staff will need to assess the severity of your addiction and consider various other factors before determining if it’s necessary. We can refer you to a reputable detox center with well-qualified physicians.

Q. How many days does the program last?

A. We understand that people face different challenges during the rehabilitation process. Consequently, it’s not realistic to expect everyone to recover in the same amount of time. Our experts personalize the program by adjusting its length and tailoring treatment methods to suit the needs of specific participants.

Q. Will I receive any help after completing treatment?

A. Some patients need additional assistance as they strive to enjoy drug-free lives in the long-term. Our staff will continue to support you during this critical transition phase. We can help you find ways to transcend the circumstances of your past while avoiding unnecessary temptations and pressures.

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Do you still have questions or need further details? If so, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We believe that well-informed clients usually achieve the best rehabilitation outcomes. Our knowledgeable and compassionate admissions staff can supply you with a wide range of information about addiction treatment program admissions or any other aspect of the recovery process.