Family Recovery Support Program

As a family member of someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol, you need support as well during your loved one’s recovery. Connecticut Recovery Center offers a family recovery support program that teaches everyone affected about the impacts that drugs and alcohol have on the body. Our facility also educates family members about the best ways to support someone who is in recovery.

Including the Family in the Addiction Recovery Process

There are sessions of the family recovery support program that involve the person who is working through addiction recovery as well as their family members so that they can with together and learn about the success that have been achieved so far. Connecting the family with the person who is in treatment is an important part of the recovery process because it ensures that there will be encouragement and support throughout recovery.

Family Support During Addiction Recovery

The family members will learn about the triggers that should be avoided when the person in recovery is not going through treatment. These triggers can be emotional, mental, or physical and could sometimes lead the person to drink or begin using drugs again. Our staff can also discuss ways to set goals for the individual as well as the other members of the family so that everyone is in agreement about life during recovery. A goal of the family recovery support program is to detail the skills that will be needed to be a success after completing an intensive outpatient treatment plan so that the loved one can get back to a productive, fulfilling life in recovery.