Warning Signs for Alcohol Use Disorder & When Alcohol Rehab Connecticut is Necessary

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Alcoholism is a disorder that often begins with underlying emotional issues or some kind of trauma that the person has experienced. If you know someone who has started drinking more often or in larger amounts, then pay attention to a few signs that are usually associated with an alcohol use disorder. It is possible to encourage a friend or family member to seek help from an alcohol use disorder treatment center to get the help that is needed before any significant damage to the body occurs if you intervene early enough and before the disorder reaches a severe level.

Physical Signs of Alcohol Use Disorder

When someone begins drinking and before an alcohol use disorder sets in, you might notice a few physical changes that even the person drinking might not recognize. The eyes will likely become bloodshot, and the person might have slurred speech. Walking could also be impacted as the person might have trouble standing still for even short periods of time or walking in a straight line. You might notice bags under the eyes that develop from a lack of sleep or too much sleep.

One of the things to keep in mind about a disorder is that it’s usually not diagnosed unless it impacts the person’s ability to clearly make decisions or cause harm to the person’s mind or body. An alcohol rehab Connecticut center can offer assistance in medically detoxing the body with the help of a professional. Once the body is detoxed, then the process of getting the help that the person needs to battle the alcohol use disorder begins.

Spending More Money

If someone you know begins spending more money on alcohol than in recent weeks or months, then there could be an issue beginning with a disorder. Another sign that you want to look for is spending money that should be saved for bills and other essentials on alcohol. If you aren’t able to monitor the exact amount of money that is spent on alcohol, you can sometimes pay attention to the number of bottles or cans that are thrown away as this can be an indication that more money is spent each day or each week as the number of containers seen increases.

No Limits Once Drinking

When it seems like someone can no longer limit the amount of alcohol consumed, it’s often a sign that a disorder has developed. Steps involved with alcohol use disorder treatment include making a plan to deal with the underlying issues of drinking in a safe manner so that alcohol is no longer used. Another way that a professional alcohol rehab Connecticut center can help is by offering encouragement to the person about enrolling in a class or taking up a hobby so that the mind isn’t focused on drinking.

Drinking Before Or After Events

Drinking socially is something that quite a few people do, especially if it’s for a special occasion. When the person drinks before or after the event and can’t seem to stop, then a disorder could be present. A tolerance for alcohol begins to slowly form, which means that it takes more alcohol for the person to feel the same impacts that a smaller amount used to offer. As the amount required for the same impacts on the mind and body increases, then the person will begin to drink more often during the day and into the evening even if there are events scheduled with family and friends. The person might drink before or after the event because of shame or guilt. This would mean that the person still has some kind of concern for what others think about the drinking issue, which can often lead to better results in a treatment program.

Missing Important Activities and Events

A sign that can be seen by other people when there is an alcohol disorder is missing out on work, school, activities with children, and other special events. The person usually wants to stay at home and drink instead of interacting with other people. This could be because the person is physically unable to go out of the house to interact socially or because the person doesn’t want others to see the life that has developed and the habits that have developed from drinking. Another issue that often arises when someone avoids spending time with other people and misses work is that the person will begin to think about where to get the next drink and how much to drink at one time.

If you or someone you know has been drinking more often and it has started to impact your life, then consider contacting Connecticut Recovery Center for assistance. There are people who can offer the help needed to stop drinking and to make a positive change in your life.