Addiction Recovery in Greenwich

Substance use disorders continue to affect millions of Americans each year, with estimates from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration suggesting that 17.3% of adults in the United States live with a drug or alcohol addiction.1 But with targeted services for addiction recovery in Greenwich, the path to recovery is open — you only need to reach out for help.

Recovering From a Substance Use Disorder

Living with a substance use disorder brings several challenges. Among other factors, some of the most common barriers to recovery that people face include:

  • Invasive drug or alcohol cravings
  • Mental and physical withdrawal symptoms if they suddenly stop using
  • Loss of interest in the hobbies or activities that used to be important to them
  • Difficulties maintaining a job
  • Relationship problems due to substance use
  • An inability to stop on your own

These barriers to recovery can make achieving sobriety seem an impossible task. But recovery is possible. Our program for addiction recovery in Greenwich, CT, was designed to help you overcome every obstacle you face and provide you with the tools to sustain your recovery for years to come.

Importantly, recovery is about much more than sobriety. Getting sober is a critical first step, but without careful attention to the ways that living with an addiction can interfere with their relationships, mental health, and spiritual health, many people won’t be able to sustain their sobriety long-term.

The Connecticut Center for Recovery is a recovery program, not just a detox program. Our team can help you build the tools to live a life worth living after a substance use disorder and reap the rewards that recovery has to offer.

Our Program for Addiction Recovery in Greenwich

The addiction recovery program at Connecticut Center for Recovery focuses on three key aspects to help people build a foundation of recovery to last a lifetime:

Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment

Evidence-based treatments are the core foundation of our model for addiction recovery. This includes treatments and therapies such as:

  • Individual therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Relapse prevention programs
  • Motivational interviewing

Addiction researchers have studied these methods for decades and have proven themselves time and time again to be effective in several areas: reducing your risk of relapse, increasing your chances of remaining abstinent, and helping you overcome the mental barriers to recovery.

While each treatment has a specific focus, together, they can help you to:

  • Learn healthy ways of coping with mental health stressors
  • Provide strategies to resist future relapse
  • Avoid high-risk situations
  • Understand your addiction and the path to recovery
  • Build motivation and resolve to stay sober in the future

Our expert team of mental health clinicians with years of experience and education delivers these therapies and treatments targeted explicitly at treating substance use disorders.

True Dual-Diagnosis Care

In addiction treatment, co-occurring mental health disorders are the norm, not the exception. Disorders such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder are prevalent in people living with a substance use disorder. Co-occurring mental health issues need to be treated simultaneously for our clients to achieve a lasting recovery.

Dual-diagnosis care is designed to treat both addiction and mental health concerns at the same time. By starting treatment for addiction recovery in Greenwich, you’ll receive the best mental health treatment alongside your treatment for substance use, allowing you to achieve a more holistic state of recovery as a result.

Holistic Treatment Philosophy

Our holistic addiction treatment philosophy understands that addiction is not a problem of substance use in isolation. People use drugs and alcohol for a purpose, whether that be self-medicating mental health concerns, coping with the stress of everyday life, or attempting to find a sense of meaning.

Our model for holistic treatment focuses on understanding you as a whole person and addressing your underlying needs and desires to make your life in recovery worthwhile. By integrating this holistic treatment philosophy throughout our program, our clients can build meaningful lives in recovery that you won’t ever want to trade for a return to addiction.

Start Treatment at Connecticut Center for Recovery

When you’re ready to receive the best evidence-based and holistic treatment in Greenwich, CT, contact our team by calling (888) 387-5741 or filling out our confidential online contact form. We know how difficult taking the first steps toward recovery can be, but you can break free from addiction, and Connecticut Center for Recovery can help.